Digital Color Correction

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Digital Color Correction Digital Color Correction Digital Color Correction Digital Color Correction
Digital Color Correction

If you’re brand new to Color and looking for a solid introduction this course is for you. It condenses years of Stuart Ferreyra’s color correction expertise and know-how into easy to follow demonstrations. Co-host Noah Kadner works alongside Ferreyra to unlock the secrets of Color for new users looking to get their feet wet.

Noah has answered thousands of Final Cut Pro-related questions during his years spent as a forum leader in film and TV production message boards like, Creative Cow and He’s also spent years as an Apple Certified Pro instructor in Final Cut Studio and as a systems integrator and private consultant for 24p production and editing in Hollywood. In this course, Noah teams up with expert colorist Ferreyra to bring you his knowledge and experience in this class.

Unleash the power of high-end digital color correction and learn how to get the maximum in post-production from Apple’s Color. The course features over an hour and a half of original content broken down into learning modules with interactive demonstrations and easy to understand, real-world examples. Covers Color 1.0 and later.

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  • Workflow with Final Cut Pro
  • Equipment Shopping Lists
  • Primary and Secondary Correction
  • High Definition Formats
  • Interface Overview
  • Vignettes
  • Geometry and User Shapes
  • Still Store Secrets
  • Render Management
  • History of Color Correction
  • Motion Tracking
  • and much more

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