Intense GoPro Footage

Posted on July 12, 2011 by Noah Kadner

 In conjunction with our recently released GoPro HD Hero Guide, wanted to point out some crazy examples of what this camera can do:

Shark eating GoPro:

Ski Avalanche:

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GoPro HD Hero Guide Released

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Noah Kadner

 Now available at: GoPro HD Hero Guide.

Call Box, a provider of interactive training for digital media professionals, has released its latest training course worldwide, "GoPro HD Hero Guide."

About the GoPro HD Hero Guide

Executive produced by Apple Certified instructor Noah Kadner and featuring indie filmmaker (Big in Bollywood) and E! professional editor, Kenny Meehan, the course takes users through the complete operation of the GoPro HD Hero camera in production and post-production. "GoPro HD Hero Guide" features original content broken down into learning modules with interactive demonstrations and easy to understand, real-world examples. The course focuses on a broad variety of techniques and tips for achieving breathtaking extreme sports and cinematic imagery.

"The GoPro is an amazing filmmaking tool that allows you to achieve truly jaw-dropping footage." says Kadner. "Because it’s so small and virtually indestructible, the shots you can get are limited only by your imagination. Kenny completely demystifies the camera’s operation and shows you how to easily produce high-quality end results in post."

In addition to complete camera settings, menu operation and production tips, the GoPro HD Hero Guide also reviews methods for working with footage using tools like Final Cut Pro 7, Compressor and CinemaTools. “We explore different ways to transcode and optimize the original GoPro footage into high-quality editing formats,” says Meehan. “We make sure all the crazy stuff you can shoot with the GoPro camera looks its absolute best, whether you’re going out to DVD, Vimeo, YouTube or wherever. There are some other great training videos already out there but none as comprehensive as ours.”

Topics include Technical Overview, Menu Tour, LCD Backpack Operation, Exposure Modes, Timelapse Tips, Slow-Motion Cinematography, Camera Mounting Tricks, Dolly Tracks, Final Cut Pro Workflow, MPEG Streamclip and much more. The course is aimed at beginning and aspiring GoPro owners and features over an hour of footage broken down into 22 chapters.

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