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Posted on February 23, 2009 by Posterous

"IKA offers something unique in RED post production –23 years of agency experience and all-star creative talent," emphasizes IKA Collective founder, Ian Karr. "Directors and DPs have embraced RED. But agencies and networks have struggled with the post process; mostly because shooting RED has meant posting in the 'indie' world, rather than the commercial or broadcast one. IKA has taken a huge step forward in making RED footage as client-friendly as it is beautiful. Not only have we built a new stadium but we've signed one of the best players in the league to play for us."

Scarpulla began his career in 1989 in the then-burgeoning genre of music videos. Gary became the the go-to-colorist for directors like Paris Barlclay, Lionel C. Martin, Pam Thomas, Matt Mahurin, Dave Perez, Hype Williams, Brett Ratner and Marc Kalsfeld. Gary's hand in shaping the look of music videos helped develop and define the aesthetic of the genre.

"I was really lucky to start my career working on music videos. Each project demanded a new look and feel and the directors and DPs who came to me kept pushing me further and further. It was really an exciting time to be a colorist." Gary soon branched out into commercials and promos, and helped create iconic looks for Networks such as MTV, ESPN, Spike, Nickelodeon, HBO and Comedy Central. His extensive background in sports programming includes short films and image pieces for the Olympics, MLB, NBC Sports and FOX.

Now here's something impressive- RED workflow integration.

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