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Posted on February 03, 2010 by Noah Kadner

I love the KBCovers line and now they have a custom keyboard that looks great and allows you to work faster and more efficiently with a KB Keyboard for Final Cut Pro.

Designed in conjunction with Certified Final Cut Trainers and Experts, KB Keyboards include over 90 of the most important and commonly used keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro. KB Keyboards are a must for experts and beginners alike, this compact-size, Apple® ultra-thin usb aluminum compact keyboard is a great way improve your knowledge and productivity with Final Cut Pro.

KB Keyboards utilize both icons and colors to make using keyboard shortcuts easier to find and use. Master Final Cut Pro by using a keyboard from KB Keyboards. Your shortcut to genius. So head on over to this page and check it out:

Also new-

Panasonic HMC150 Book and CD from Barry Green!

This book and CD package presents a comprehensive examination of the camera and all its features, settings, and modes, the tapeless workflow, working with avchd footage, and tutorials on some of the most common situations users find themselves facing. The book de-mystifies what all the features of the camera actually do, as well as explaining when and why you’d want to use each setting for the best results. An extensive section of tutorials and essays teach a range of subjects from the simple to the advanced, including explanations on how to get the shallow depth-of-field look, how to control strobing and shoot 24P (or 25P) for the best results, and how to use the waveform monitor and vectorscope. The book is jam-packed with photos and screenshots throughout its 216 full-color, high-quality glossy pages.

Just Added Master Course in Directing

iPhone Apps for Moviemakers

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