Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV

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Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV
Barry Green's Lighting for Film and TV

Looking for great lighting that helps tell a story?  If cinematic lighting is what you're after, then LIGHTING FOR FILM AND TELEVISION is for you!

Emmy award-winning producer Barry Green, joined by DVXuser's David Jimerson, takes you through what you need to know to achieve great lighting in your own projects.  Through detailed instruction, tongue-in-cheek sketches, and hands-on demos, they'll show you the fundamentals of cinematic lighting and how you can use light as a paintbrush to tell your stories like the pros. Learn just the right look, exposure – and feeling!  With nearly 6 HOURS of detailed instruction, you’ll learn about:

  • Avoiding the most COMMON MISTAKES
  • THREE THINGS which will get you 80% of the way to good lighting
  • Understanding SHADOWS and hard and soft light
  • Understanding EXPOSURE and how to know you're getting it right
  • Lighting TECHNIQUE
  • Setting a MOOD and meeting ARTISTIC GOALS
  • Professional LIGHTING FIXTURES and GEAR
  • And much, much more!

“The value of this course to me is that it removed the fear I've had each day on set. Every new setup costs me at least an hour of random light placement because I've had no idea where to start. Yeah, I do get there eventually but I've had no idea why some things work and why some don't. I never had the time to learn lighting while trying to learn what camera, software, audio, etc. I just won an award for best cinematography last week. Thanks guys. You've saved me hours of frustration."
Rigby from, East Coast, USA

Get into the mind of a veteran cinematographer in an interview with Levie Isaacks, A.S.C.

Then join the crew as Barry and David explore two award-winning short films made specifically for this class!

So why wait? Order now and you’ll instantly receive a download link for this course so you can start learning immediately. The video format comes in full high-definition, perfect for viewing on your PC or Mac.

This video is also completely optimized and ready to transfer directly onto your iPhone/iPod for viewing on the go! Just drop it into iTunes and Sync.

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